Soft-Tissue Injury & Pain Specialist

At the age of 3, Derek surprised his parents' employee when he crawled under her desk to massage her feet. She could not explain how he know her feet hurt.

A spiritual teacher from South Africa introduced Derek to meditation when he was just 4 years old, sparking an early interest in mindfulness practices.

Between the ages of 8 and 17, Derek embarked on an extraordinary journey, shadowing doctors, exploring cadaver labs, and spending time at a teaching hospital where his mother worked in Chicago. These experiences laid a foundation for his deeper understanding of the medical field.

From 12 to 17 years old, Derek had the incredible opportunity to be mentored by a Tibetan monk who established a temple in the Chicago area. This spiritual guidance and kindness contributed to his early development of compassion and thoughtful action.

During his teenage years into adulthood, Derek was fortunate to receive mentorship from a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and leading authority on osteoporosis, further expanding his knowledge of the human body.

At the age of 18, Derek's dedication led to him being hired as a research assistant by the Chief of Spinal Surgery, a pioneer of microdiscectomy surgery. His role involved collecting data on the efficacy of microdiscectomies, providing patient follow-up, and offering rehabilitative exercises.

Derek embarked on his training in osteopathic massage therapy and holistic healthcare at the age of 19, deepening his understanding of the body's natural healing processes.

A year later, at the age of 20, Derek found himself working as a massage therapist in a mental and physical health clinic. There, he provided treatments and participated in case management for patients grappling with severe mental illnesses and physical challenges.

By the age of 22, Derek's talents extended to the realm of business. He assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer in a multimedia company that connected patients and providers of alternative healthcare through various platforms, including a web-based portal, an automated phone system, and large-scale conferences.

These pivotal moments in Derek's life opened up a world of diverse experiences that shaped his holistic approach to healthcare and wellness.

Derek Hill, CMT, CFT

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Formative Years

Derek's professional journey in holistic healthcare and wellness began in 1997 when he graduated from the Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA. During his time there, he honed his unique method to alleviate tension and restore movement, which proved to be remarkably efficient compared to other systems he was studying.

In addition to his expertise in massage therapy, Derek pursued studies at the John F. Kennedy School of Psychology, and has delved into various disciplines such as movement analysis, corrective exercise, adaptive fitness, pelvic floor dysfunction, visceral manipulation, gut health, psychosomatic trauma, meditation, and mindfulness. This comprehensive education has equipped him with a diverse skill set.

Over the years, Derek has established successful practices in North Carolina, Chicago, and the Bay Area, which he proudly calls home since 2001. In 2006, he founded The Core Clinic, a multidisciplinary health, wellness, and fitness center that brought together top providers under one roof, ensuring comprehensive case management for patients.

Presently, Derek focuses on his solo practice, passionately treating clients and expanding his brand of soft-tissue therapy to diagnose and address common soft-tissue issues with precision and speed.

Beyond his thriving practice, Derek enjoys private consultations with professionals in the health, wellness, and hospitality industries. By sharing his expertise, he helps these individuals achieve elite-level performance in all aspects of their businesses, resulting in greater outcomes.